Google For Non Profit

What is Google for non-profit organizations?

Google for nonprofits offers eligible organizations free access to paid versions of Google products and special features designed for non-profit entities. These tools can help NGOs find new donors and volunteers, work more efficiently, and get support to carry out their action.

What products are included in Google for non-profit organizations?

  • Free access to Google G Suite . A range of cloud programs that you can use for administrative management, including Gmail, Google Documents, Spreadsheets, Calendar, Presentations, Forms / Surveys, Calendar, Chat, Drive (a Cloud File Storage System) and Sites. There is no limit as to the number of users, each user will have a quota of 30 Gb of storage, remember that Google-formatted documents do not count in the sum of space consumed.
  • Google Ad Grants . Receive up to $ 10,000 of AdWords advertising each month to promote your website on Google through keyword campaigns.
  • Access YouTube . Increasing the upload capacity, the ability to select custom thumbnails, and place calls to action on your videos.
To learn more about each of Google's offers for non-profit organizations visit its website
Important: Once activated, you must frequently enter your Adwords accounts to adjust campaigning and make changes and improvements in keywords, etc. Google donates $ 10,000 a month to improve our search engine positioning through keyword ads, and if it is not used properly you can be penalized and lose this fabulous advantage.

How can I access Google for non-profit organizations?

If you are not members of DONO, you will need to register in our Program. Once we validate you, it is when you can request Google for non-profit organizations. Click on the following link for more information on how to register .
If you are already members of TechSoup Spain, you will need to create or log in with a Google account. For this, it is very important that you start the process by opening an incognito tab in your browser so that it does not take a personal account that you already have in the browser's "cache".

Next, go to Google for Nonprofits , and enter your validation code * (Token).

* You will find the validation code of your organization (Token) on the Dono website , accessing your account with the username and password. You must click on the "My account" tab, and then on the central part of the screen, on the green tab that says "Validation code" (Token).

A validation code looks like this: 123a4567 @ 1b234c5de6789000.

If you have a valid code and are eligible for the Google program for non-profit organizations, you can now create an account to apply for Google for non-profit organizations!

Therefore, the summary of the steps to follow is :

  1. Click on this link , and answer the questions that are being asked, among others:
    • What country is your organization in?
    • What language do you prefer?
  2. Click on "I am a member of DONO". You will be asked for the username and password of DONO.
  3. They will present the data of the entity (in the example, of the “XYZ Foundation”), and a button to generate a code, called “Token”, which you must save to enter it later on the Google website. This code is valid for 60 days. Once copied, close the browser tab.
  4. Open a new incognito tab in the browser . In that tab, you have to copy and paste this link:
  5. In the upper right part of the screen (G4NP website), there is a button called "Start now". Click on the button.
  6. You will be asked for the "admin" email account from Google4NonProfits (G4NP). We recommend that it be with the entity's domain (in the example: “@”) and not a personal account, in order to recover passwords if necessary. To do this, click on "create account", and then on "I prefer to use my current email address", although you could use a Gmail account if you would like.
  7. Likewise, you will be asked for the token generated previously on the DONO website, as well as information about the entity.
  8. Once you have a G4NP Administrator account, it would be necessary to activate the applications offered by Google one by one and that you need: Adgrants, Gsuite, etc. In addition, you have $ 200 to use in Maps / Earth services.
  9. Keep in mind that each application you request will go through a Google approval process, which takes a few days to notify the administration email account you have established.
  10. In the case of Ad grants ($ 10,000 monthly scholarship to improve your search engine positioning) , you have to follow the account creation process detailed in this link. Important:
  • use the US dollar (USD) as currency (if you use the EUR, the ads will be charged)
  • Do not provide payment information (credit card or checking account).
  • read our article on Google policy carefully


There is another way, through the Google for nonprofits website, in the following screenshots you can see the process:

Google Validation 1

Google 2 validation

Is my organization eligible for Google for nonprofit organizations?

Please check Google’s eligibility criteria. You will know if your organization is eligible or not after submitting your Google application for nonprofit organizations.

Do I have to be validated with DONO Project to access Google for non-profit organizations?

Yes, first you have to register in DONO. Based on the information and documentation that you provide when you register, we will verify the legal status of your organization and its activities.

Once we have validated your organization, you can request Google for Nonprofits . How to register

How long does it take to validate with DONO?

We will process your request and validate your registration within a reasonable period of time after receiving the necessary documents. You can call us to check the status of your request.

Once your account is approved, you can generate your validation code in your entity's account (My account> Validation code).

Why is DONO who validates for Google for Nonprofit?

DONO is part of the TechSoup Global network, which helps non-profit organizations in 89 countries to access the technological tools and training they need to improve their mission. Globally, the network works with more than 100 entities and provides an eligibility validation process to organizations on their behalf.

What is the difference between Google GSuite and Google GSuite for Nonprofits?

Both provide access to the same Google products, programs and support. The only difference is that Google GSuite is free for non-profit organizations.

My organization is currently paying for Google Gsuite - can I change?

Yes! Please consult Google information on how to switch to Google for Nonprofits

My organization is already using Google Ad Grants, YouTube for Nonprofits

Please see Google information for existing beneficiaries

Can Google temporarily cancel the AdGrants account?

Yes, enter your adwords accounts, make changes, improvements in keywords etc, and use the $ 10,000 that are offered, because otherwise they will be penalized, and if they are repeat offenders you can lose this fabulous advantage.

Changes to Google’s program policies

Recently there has been a change, you can request another domain to support AdGrants.

On this page is all the detail but basically to be able to serve ads with another domain you must request through this form .